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Angels Whisper is a wonderful community born to help and guide those in times of need. Every day, we strive to bring a smile to your face and share our knowledge of the Universe and experiences with the Angels, or any being that may influence your life in a positive way. Angels Whisper is an honest, hopeful environment that wishes to give guidance and teachings from our dear Angels and Spirit Guides – to assist anyone who seeks this community in both daily and transcendent life.

Many Lightworkers just like you have already joined us and are sharing their beautiful stories and energies with us. Together, we can change the World and make it a better place. Are you ready for this wonderful Journey?



Manifest through Gratitude Online Course

Do you want to learn how to manifest gracefully and effortlessly, simply by practicing daily Gratitude?
Or maybe you simply want to bring more harmony into your life through daily Gratitude?
Have you always wanted to create your own Gratitude Journal but never really found time to bring yourself to do it?


Then this course is for you: in only 4 weeks you will learn everything you need to know about Gratitude, Manifesting, the Law of Attraction, and more than 10 methods of practicing Gratitude. The course comes with over 12 Guided Meditations, daily Worksheets, important information on Manifesting Abundance, and many other valuable teachings!

How the Manifest Abundance through the Art of Gratitude course can help you

People who wish to manifest abundance, love, or happiness, are often faced with a common issue: there seems to be a transition period where things aren’t quite there yet and people may feel like they’ve been doing everything written in the books, but they haven’t gotten what they wanted yet. That, often, leads to depression – most people give up at this stage and start feeling resentment towards themselves or life, or the methods used.

This transition period is what I often like to give more insight on – what to do in those cases and how to remain positive all the way through?

By giving you the right tools to practice daily Gratitude and have the perfect mindset for manifesting whilst being pleased with your present situation, I can help you realize that life might not be perfect at the moment, but things CAN get better. YOU ARE STRONG – you are capable of overcoming your fears and your struggles.

Things aren’t going to magically become better overnight, no. However, they can only improve if you allow them to! This is why staying positive is so important – and expressing gratitude will help you enter that state of mind where you feel calm and in perfect harmony with yourself and your soul mission.




For any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to message Angels Whisper!


Treasure Goddess Certification


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