Who is Abaddon

Who is Abaddon?


Abaddon only tends to get involved whenever something new is on the horizon.

As the name suggests (it means, literally, ‘destruction’ – in Greek Apollyon), he is always sitting in the shadows, patiently waiting for new discoveries, treasures that he can learn more about – these small  ‘glitches in the system’ are what piques his interest and allow him to escape the boredom of eternity and infinite knowledge; they are, in essence, the key to a new Era, to what we tend to call Ascension.

He has seen and known it all – yet, unlike Lucifer, Abaddon tends not to get involved with humanity unless something truly worthy of note comes up – or, well, when it is finally time to start all over again!

Silent, calm, distant, and austere, Abaddon might (very rarely) lose his temper whenever he realizes that his curiosity caused great suffering to the things he loves – and, let me reassure you, there aren’t many.

He is, in a sense, capable of experiencing love, happiness, and even pain through the things he likes to watch closely, and this is why (out of mere curiosity), often he will push them into accomplishing things and feeling new sensations that he has never felt before.

He is, in other words, one of the Architects of Existence. Without beings like him, not only would existence be completely stationary, but our universe, which is based on experience and change, would not be able to exist.


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