Prince Amon

Who is Amon

Who is Amon?


I’d say that Amon is often perceived as the aspect of existence that inspires passion and destruction. To put it into simpler words, Amon is the personification of anger.

Contrary to what may seem obvious from my previous sentence, he tends to be quiet, solemn, determined, often restless and rather impatient. There is a perpetual sadness in his heart – the repetitive thought and realization that everything will, ultimately, become corrupted.

He is, in this sense, in a continuous fight to restrain the conflictual forces that are ever-boiling deep within the essence of his very being – the passion and desire that can be at the same time protective and destructive.

Amon is, just like Abaddon, not very talkative, although much more involved with this dimension and humanity in particular. And this should not come as a surprise – passion (the expression of the most basic instinct) is, after all, a very common trait of our universe.

He is the force that motivates and encourages human beings to pursue a goal, to put themselves out there and turn their dreams into reality; to express their innermost personalities and desires. Self-expression, self-love, and the desire to better ourselves would not be possible without his existence.


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