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Angel Reading and Angelic Insight

Not just a Reading

– An amazingly insightful experience that will help you better your life –


Does he love you back? Is he your Twin Flame? Are you going to stay together, or is this it?

Are you going to become successful, or is this project taking you nowhere? Should you be more aware of your business partners’ intentions? What step should you take next?

Are you on the right path? What should you do next, for the greater good of all?


If you ever had any (or all) of these questions, you have come to the right place; now you can finally get your answer!


You can now get your 3-card Tarot Reading and Angelic Insight for only $33.33!


Here at Angels Whisper, we don’t provide you with just a simple answer: we give you guidance and support, we connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides in order to find the best solution possible for you, and for the greater good of all. If you ever felt like knowing the answer did not help you in any way, then be prepared to learn how to utilize the answer that you will receive from the Universe.

For many years now, I’ve worked with people on multiple levels of consciousness. I know how important it is to know that everything is going to be okay, or to be told the exact next step to take. However, that sort of behavior is counterproductive: as humans, we tend to become co-dependent of comfort and reassurance, without realizing how harmful that is for us.

As children of the Universe, we are all born with the freedom of action and speech – we have free will, and we are completely capable of altering our present state of mind and of getting out of any situation. Trust me, you are strong – perhaps stronger than you currently think you are.

With the help of these amazing Angels, I am here to teach you how to find your long-lost strength and power, how to conquer your fears and become the embodiment of that Divine Light that is your Soul.

Together, we can move mountains. Are you ready to make a change?


Do you wish to ask your Angels and Spirit Guides what the Universe has planned for you? You can ask them for guidance and advice through Tarot. This three-card Tarot Spread was designed especially for this purpose. Let the Angels know what concerns you and about which area you wish to find out more.


What you will receive with this Angelic Intuitive Reading:

  •  channeled insight and advice from your Angels and Spirit Guides
  •  an image of your cards
  •  description of your reading in .pdf format


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Angel Reading: What To Expect

If you were interested in booking an Angel Reading via e-mail with us, but you were not sure what to expect, I have created a sample Past Life Angel Reading.

past life reading page onepast life reading page twopast life reading page threepast life reading page fourpast life reading page sixpast life reading page sevenpast life reading page eightpast life reading page nine

You can choose your Angel Reading type from a variety of products that you will find on our Angel Store. Depending on the kind of Angel Reading that you have chosen, you will receive a specific spread created especially for this purpose, and your own, personalized Angel Reading sheets in .pdf format; the template is very similar for all of them (e.g. for a Higher Self-Discovery Reading or a Spiritual Journey Reading, you will get 1-2 additional pages about your Avatar Oracle Card and insight on your situation).

What to expect from an Angel Reading

Angel Readings are very useful and sometimes fun; they help the Reader find an easy way to express their intuitive knowledge in words that humans can understand. Some Readers will offer answers that are more detail-oriented; others, myself included, however, prefer to leave space for the querent to find their own answers and meanings. This is why, in my Angel Reading, I very rarely mention dates, names or precise events: I like to allow the person that I am reading for to connect with their Angels and Higher Self personally, with the help of my advice, and to find their own truths. This way, the free will of that person (and all those involved) has been fully respected.

There are, moreover, a few things that no one, for various reasons, can control (or is supposed to control); sometimes the Divine Plan is so much greater than we, as humans, can even begin to understand; this is why we should avoid interfering with the natural course of things, for the greater good. Therefore, it is my obligation to mention that in the Angel Readings and Healing sessions, I prefer avoiding direct questions about medical, financial, or legal matters (and even when I sense the answer, I choose not to divulge it, in order to preserve the balance and harmony in which the Universe, at least from my own perspective, is residing). Many Readers respect this way of things, and I am sure that you can understand why.

So, keeping that in mind, I hope that you shall come to find your Answers here; remember: you will always have the help of your wonderful Spirit Guides 🙂

Want to find out more about Angel Readings?

If you would like to receive more information, don’t hesitate to check the products’ descriptions, or contact us; we are always glad to hear from you and to answer your questions!


For free Angel Reading Cards, check out the Gallery tab. We are currently working on an Angel Reading Android App. The most important feature is that it will allow you to easily connect with your Angels; it will allow you to receive quick guidance and assistance from your Spirit Guides – all of this through a simple Daily Angel Card!