Angels And Demons – A Brief Comparison

what are demons


What are Demons?

A short comparison between Angels and Demons


For years, I have been trying to understand what Demons are and whether they are intrinsically beings to fear and avoid any form of contact with, or just friendly Entities that we could trust and contact whenever we were in trouble.

The thing is, in a way, all beings can be great companions and friends, depending on the type of friends you are looking for. Who, among us, hasn’t ever gotten a friend who was completely out of the ordinary, maybe even a little mischievous or intimidating?

If Angels are the embodiment of the perfect being – always following a specific pattern and preset rules, making sure that everything is going according to the Divine Plan, Demons are the very essence of that desire to find out more, to learn, to experience, to gain knowledge.

And, as everyone knows, there is no pure thing in the Universe (or at least we would not be able to perceive it without contaminating its perfect form) – there is always a little bit of Yin in the Yang, a little bit of Darkness in Light, a little bit of curiosity in Angels, just as much as a little bit of duty and seriousness in Demons.

But, in order to be able to compare the two, I think that I should start by giving a somewhat more specific description of both of these amazing types of Entities.

Before I begin, I would like to specify one thing, though. As I said somewhere in a previous post, it is important to understand that what we are dealing with are abstract concepts that we, as human beings, tend to perceive or describe (for the sake of being able to better understand them) as multi-dimensional beings. This is what we call Angels, Demons, Fairies, Spirits, etc.


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