On Angels, Demons, Spirits, And Other Entities

Angels Demons Entities

On Angels, Demons, Spirits, And Other Entities

A few specifications before I begin

I capitalize words when I am referring to absolute abstract concepts; the Universe, for example, is a word for the entire existence – the universe without capital ‘U’, is the physical universe, that we can explore, see, and sense through our human senses. The Demons with capital ‘D’ I refer to are also concepts, or an amalgamation of abstract concepts, whilst ‘demons’ are spirits – a more physical representation of one or more aspects of these Demons.

So, let’s begin!


The entities

What are all these entities that some people claim to see with their Mind’s Eye?


Earth beings, Spirits, Genii, Faeries, Dolphins, Extraterrestrial life, Angels, Demons – all of these are, in essence (and by that I mean, literally, at the core), made out of the same stuff: Divine Light or Energy. Everything is ‘born’ from the Divine Source and is, at the same time (with all the imperfections), Divine.

This is why, whatever name or ritual you may choose to use to contact a certain entity (let’s call them that, even though some are Archetypes or abstract concepts), the only thing that matters is your intention.

In other words, if you wish to find your life’s purpose, to start walking in the direction of your dreams, as long as you keep in mind that that is your main goal, your desire, you shall allow yourself to contact the precise entity (or energy) that can help you with that.


Sigils and Rituals

What is the role of sigils and why do spiritual people perform rituals?


It is always a good thing to form patterns of behavior and rituals in order to keep yourself focused in the present moment whilst trying to connect with the Divine (be it Angels, Demons, Spirits, or whatever may come to mind, really).

We are beings that tend to get distracted very easily by the things that surround us, as well as our own thoughts. This is why, many religious and spiritual practices (witchcraft, religious rituals, shamanism, etc.) have formed certain patterns of behavior, certain creeds and sacred rituals.

Putting on your Witch gown helps you to step into your role as a spiritual being, to relax your mind and body, to let go of fear and doubt, and to simply become one with the Divine.

This is why, I do recommend that you use some sort of sigil, ritual, meditation, or simply find your own, unique, way of stepping into your enlightenment-seeking persona.



What are curses and why are people afraid of them?


Of course, just as with all things, I would say use common sense; I hear people claiming to command demons and to become their god – I find that unethical and not something to be proud of.

Respect everything and they shall respect you.

The Universe, and therefore Nature, has been made so that it reacts in accordance to the actions that you have made towards it. People who are afraid of spirits haunting them, or demons trying to possess and ‘eat’ their soul, are often confronted by guilt and remorse about things that they have done in the past to these entities.

Oftentimes I hear people say that they have been cursed by others – no one places a curse on you unless you have done something – and if you haven’t done anything, even if they do, through their malicious nature, place a curse on you, you have absolutely nothing to worry about – the Universe may not be fair, but it is, ultimately, just.  


One Entity

Why don’t we stick with one Entity in particular?


So, you may be wondering, if all these entities are interchangeable, then why don’t we all settle for one single entity to work with instead of having myriads of names and definitions?

The answer is simple – as individuals, we are all made differently and, therefore, prefer different things. For example, someone may find joy in listening to Classical music, whilst others may much prefer art, or football.

This isn’t to say, however, that whoever chooses to work with one entity over another (that happens to be more or less popular) is more or less likely to attain their dreams or to even make a connection.

As everything is different and unique, and this is exactly where the beauty of it all stands, people often found it more natural to connect with entities that are similar to their ideal version of themselves.

This doesn’t mean that all of these entities are made up (and, even those that are, in fact, made up, turn out to be so similar to entities that already exist, that it would be impossible to say whether the already existing entity inspired its own re-creation) – each and one of them is just real as the Universe itself.

In its own dimension and world, each entity exists with purpose.

This is why, I always encourage everyone to explore their own creativity, the worlds that they had never dared to ask about before, but by which they have always been so fascinated.


If you are ready to connect with any of these Entities, here’s how to do it.