I Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

I answer your most frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I came across over the past few months. Have a question? Use the Contact Form! 🙂

Angels FAQ

Q: Why am I not receiving instant help?

Q: Why am I not receiving clear signs/directions?

Q: Why am I not receiving any answers?

Q: Who is Archeia Faith?

Q: What is the best prayer for [this or that purpose]?

Q: What are the Akashic Records and are they safe?

Q: Are Angels more powerful than Demons

Q: Is God more powerful than Satan?

Q: Why do you offer paid services?

Q: Why is there suffering in this world?



Question: Why don’t these Entities, Angels or Demons or whatever form they happen to be in, help directly when we are in desperate need of assistance?


They do intervene, but not directly. They can only give advice, teach, make suggestions.

First of all, because they can’t really do that – it would take away our Free Will. And the whole concept of the Universe is based on it – it is a Universal Law which is sacred and they respect that.

And if you ever heard of someone forming contracts with Demon x, or asking Archangel z to do something for them and it was magically done without them lifting a finger, well, that is simply not true. Both Angels and Demons are just as harsh when it comes to following the ways of the Universe – they would never break the rules for anything in the Universe.

Secondly, these Entities can understand what we need, but if they tried to do our job for us, they would still not do it in the same way we would want it done. They always put efficiency and the ultimate result first – we tend to put instant gratification and immediate results first. Which means that, sometimes, we may prefer to have something right away, fully knowing that it will do damage in the future – look at how we treat our planet and Nature in general.

In short, one has to do things themselves.

Let’s put it this way, I was born with the ability to communicate with them. I’ve always had them around, knowing that they could help, that I deserved to be happy, that I was ready to accomplish things that were impossible. Even so, they never helped me directly.

Ever since I can remember, I prayed to them and asked them to give me a clear sign or mission, to tell me “what exactly” to do. They said no. Always. And the only way they explained it to me was “you have to do it yourself, otherwise it will not be done. One ‘creates’ their own mission, their own desires. If you don’t remember what your mission is, then you are not ready yet”.

I feel like there was much more than just words behind what they told me. It may be that they simply cannot intervene – I thought. And that helped me to stop obsessing over the fact that they were the ones who had to give me a mission or help me and, instead, I decided to turn inwards, to turn my attention to what I truly desired.

And then I thought that maybe, after all, they are not completely omnipotent or omniscient, at least not when interfering with this dimension. I’ve tried to think about it from a logical point of view – if you were a seven-dimensional being, would you truly be able to understand everything that a two-dimensional being is trying to communicate with you?

I mean, let’s put it in our terms – let’s say we are 4-dimensional beings (3 spatial dimensions + time). We look at a triangle, which is 2-D and what do we understand about it? Is it all that it has to say to us? Maybe it wants something, but we, living in a world where that something may not even exist, are unable to understand that.

Just because the Angels are from a “higher” dimension and have experienced life on Earth doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand everything in the same way that we do.

First of all because, as perspective changes (as we learn more things and expand our consciousness), the whole concept of our reality, our desires, questions, and even aspirations, changes.

As a child, you dreamed to become, I don’t know, let’s say an astronaut, but now that you are old enough to understand what that entails, you want something completely different.

And let’s say that when you were 14 you were concerned with the concept of belonging or being understood – the thought of being an astronaut was long gone – you couldn’t care less about that in that specific moment!

Everything that we want changes with our perception of reality, and this is why they simply cannot know what exactly it is that we want – only we can discover it – it is THAT personal. It changes with every thought.


Question: But why won’t they just give me a clear sign of exact directions of what to do?


They have been giving you lots of directions, all along – the problem is that their messages to you may not have been able to reach you yet.

There may have been many times when someone (a mentor, Psychic, or reader) even tried to explain to you what they meant, because to them it felt like the message was clear, but you still seemed to have trouble deciphering it.

Unfortunately, in those cases, I really don’t think there is anything that can help other than just to asking you to re-read the message. Maybe it means that you need to learn a few more things before being able to understand the message. Maybe you simply aren’t ready to hear the answer or to go to the next lesson, yet.

Everyone struggles with the same things, even the Dalai Lama. The struggle to understand and learn never ceases – it’s like in maths: sure, you may come to understand how to do fractions, but then there are differential equations, integrals, transformations, so many, much, much more difficult concepts to learn and master!

It just never ends. And this is why, in my opinion, the Universe is beautiful – I love learning.


Question: Why won’t the Angels or a Reader answer my questions?


If you keep asking the same questions (in readings, when connecting with your Angels and Spirit Guides, or in general), you should allow some time for things to evolve/change before asking the same question again.

When your question doesn’t seem to change, it is often an indication that you are either not ready to hear the answer, or are fully aware of the answer, but you are unwilling to accept it.

This is why, I suggest that, as soon as you notice an obsession over the same matter, you should immediately intervene.

Start by working with the self: you need to understand what you are obsessing over is most likely not what you need.

Or, in some cases, the fact that you are asking the same question over and over again indicates that you may not be completely aware of what you truly want. So, ask yourself – “what do I truly want?”.

It is only after finding the answer to this question that you will be able to understand whether the subject you are obsessing over is truly something you should be concerning yourself with, or just an obsession born from non-acceptance.


Question: Who is Archeia Faith?


Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith are the so-called feminine and masculine aspects of the same Entity.

Before this new wave of articles on the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine (born with the New Age), everything was considered as one – the Archangels were considered as genderless, and so they are. However, over the past 10 years or so, we have been hearing more and more about the ‘female aspects’ of these Entities.

In short, Archangel Michael (as all the Entities, God included) was initially a concept that contained both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within itself, but now there are two separate Entities that we can communicate with – Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith – that represent both these aspects.

At the same time, however, it is not wrong to consider Archangel Michael as a genderless Entity which incorporates both of these aspects. This is, in fact, what I tend to do. We can, of course, still use ‘he’ or ‘she’ when talking about them, in order to avoid using ‘it’.’

And this can be said about our own Twin Flames as well – they are another aspect of our Higher Self, incarnated here on Earth as human beings. They can be of a different gender to ours, or the same gender, have completely different qualities and interests, or just the same ones, but they are just as much our Higher Self as we are.


Question: What is the best prayer for [this or that purpose]?


I don’t believe that there is a universal prayer or Mantra that can magically work with everyone.

However, I do believe that, if someone strongly believes and trusts, anything can work. My advice is that you use a prayer, word, or sentence that you are feeling most drawn to. Something personal that makes you feel protected, loved, or blessed.

For example, for grounding purposes, I use the words “I am Light, I am One with Everything, I am connected and protected, I AM”.

Try to choose something that you are most likely to remember at any moment (even in your dreams or when you wake up). This is because once you get familiar with this “ritual”, as soon as you say it out loud, your state of being will instantly shift and your heart will open to receive the Divine Messages.

Experiment, put thought into it, be creative.


Question: What are the Akashic Records and are they safe?


The Akashic Records are a very interesting topic! You can think of them as a library that contains all the knowledge of the Universe, from its creation to its end.

Time doesn’t exist in this library, and this is why anyone who access these records can read into both the past and the future!

Anyone can access the Akashic Records, with some practice. This means that anyone can, theoretically, learn everything that there is to know about anyone or anything (including their past lives and who their Higher Self and their Spirit Guides are).

There are people who are concerned about their own privacy when accessing these records; this may sound silly, but once you are able to access the Akashic Records, you will understand that it is very unlikely that anyone will do anything which is not following the Divine Plan.

Privacy is just a human concept and has no meaning on the Astral Plane. In other words, if you were meant to learn something through the Akashic Records (or if you were NOT meant to learn something), you are going to learn whatever information the Universe is giving you; nothing more, nothing less.


Question: Are Angels more powerful than Demons/Is God more powerful than Satan?


God/Satan is, from my own perspective and experience, a collective of Entities. Remember that by ‘Entities’ I mean abstract concepts.

Depending on which aspect of God you are referring to, it can be either the collective of all the Angels, or the collective of all the Angels that are what we tend to call “Demons”, or both. Just as Light and Darkness, the everything that is and nothingness.

Have you ever wondered why, if God is omnipotent and omniscient, people are still so afraid of Satan? Would God not be able or willing to protect everyone from falling into Satan’s traps?

I think it’s fascinating to notice how God and Satan are actually not rivals or one submitted to another, but rather two sides of the same coin; the Yin and the Yang that form a perfect balance and create in harmony and love. And just like that, the Universe is suddenly no longer a place of sin and fear, but rather a place of love and discovery!

In these so-called Higher Realms, there is no hierarchy – everything is and has its own place just as it is meant to. Everything works together in harmony in order to expand the Universal Consciousness.

This means that, in short, none of these Entities are either higher or more powerful than the others, nor are they constantly fighting or dominating each other. Everything is equal – everything simply is.


Question: Why do you ask for money in order to share your Divine Gifts with people?


It’s difficult not to feel judged or even judge ourselves – after all, our mission is to be selfless. But at what point does being selfless actually start harming the person we are trying to help?

I think that, if someone was here on Earth to receive things without any effort, they would not need any of us (and as you may already know, there are many), and would therefore not ask for our help.

When helping others, our job is to always make sure that we are not creating more damage than there already was.

Giving into someone’s prayers can be harmful – imagine trying to help someone who is addicted to harmful substances by providing those substances to the person – that could be considered kind from their perspective, but it would inevitably cause more harm than help them.

I would really love to be able to help everyone understand this but, as human beings, I know it is hard not to feel like we are being treated unfairly.

And, aside from that, Psychics, Readers, Healers, and Channelers are, after all, humans just like everyone else! They have to deal with the same earthly issues – paying rent and bills, feeding the family, taking care of taxes. Not to mention the need to feel validated!

How would you feel if everything you did in life was always greeted with a sense of greed and ungratefulness? I will tell you – you would start feeling like you have no value.

As human beings, we still need to be reminded that we are doing the right thing, that our help matters – that is where being able to pay for things with the money we earned through our Divine Gifts comes into play.


Question: I’ve been praying for so long; tried everything, but nothing seems to work – it feels like no one’s out there to send me help. Should I give up trying?


Hang in there, the Angels are with you.

Just because it looks like you are not doing as well as you could, or that you are not on the right path, doesn’t mean you have gone astray, or that the Angels have forgotten you.

We come here on Earth to learn and grow as humans, but also as Spiritual Beings. By facing the hardships of life, we become stronger, we evolve, and through those experiences, we help expand the Universal Consciousness.

Being happy all the time and living in a perfect world would soon become quite boring, and boredom leads to depression. We need these moments of transition in order to appreciate those small moments of bliss and joy more and to keep ourselves entertained and happy about being alive in such a variegated world.

So, hang in there and learn as much as you can; these experiences are temporary, but very, very precious.