Channeled Message from Archangel Azrael – Enjoy The Present Moment

girl holding flowers

Archangel Azrael Channeled Message – Enjoy the present moment.

Living in the present moment allows you to become happier and more grateful for your current life, while worrying less about the future and no longer longing for the past.

Love and treat yourself as if it were the last time you can see yourself, be nice to yourself and give yourself small presents that will make you happy about who you are and where you are in life. Reward yourself for being able to reach so far; be grateful: there were others who could not make it.

Find the courage to do the things you have been postponing for so long while waiting for the perfect moment: NOW is the time.

Enjoy life, you can if you choose to.

Be Love – be Light.

Channeled message from Archangel Azrael – Eva Engels


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