Archangel Azrael


Archangel Azrael –

Often referred to as the Angel of Death, Archangel Azrael is by far the most gentle, comforting and compassionate Angel that all souls come to love and seek in times of grief and pain caused by the loss of a loved one. The name means “Help of God”, and there is no doubt that this amazingly loving Archangel will always be there to bring help to all beings, independently of their past actions; he is, after all, the one who helps souls transition from their physical form into a different level of existence. At the same time, he is here to assist those who remain behind, and to comfort them with his gentle and loving presence.


How to contact Archangel Azrael

You can call upon Archangel Azrael at any time; he shall be there with you always, so do not let yourself feel like your suffering is not a big enough matter to connect with him. Whenever you feel guilt, remorse, pain or grief, simply send your prayers and concerns to this loving Angel. You can do so by lighting a candle and sitting quietly in meditation and contemplation as you think about all the sadness that is burdening your soul. In your mind, or even out loud, you can let him know what weighs you down and how you feel; notice how immediately you shall find yourself surrounded by a very powerful, yet kind Aura, a strong sensation of wonder and adoration, which will engulf you and bring you peace. You can practice this type of meditation daily; Archangel Azrael is always glad to help you overcome your fears and assist you in becoming free from the burdens of your past, by living in the present moment and understanding every teaching each experience has to offer you. Remember to thank this wonderfully compassionate Archangel for his guidance and comforting support.


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