Archangel Gabriel

angel spreading her wings

Archangel Gabriel –

Archangel Gabriel is probably one of the most famous of the Archangels, alongside with Michael, often considered the messenger of God. Generally perceived as female, she holds an important name which translates as “God is my strength” and, aside from being the carrier of God’s message towards all creation, she is always ready to assist anyone who asks for help in receiving, deciphering and understanding the signs and messages that the Universe is sending to them; she can also be a great guide for those who utilize art or words as a means to communicate their feelings and teachings, such as artists, musicians, teachers or writers. Gentle yet stern, Archangel Gabriel assists us in bringing forward our innermost passions and regaining our motivations to walk forward on the path towards our life’s purpose.


How to contact Archangel Gabriel

Another reason to call Archangel Gabriel is for protection and assistance with conception, childhood and motherhood. If you wish to contact this lovely Angel, decide to take some time to spend alone; that can be either indoors or surrounded by Nature, preferably holding a pen and paper beside you. Close your eyes and breathe in as you invite Archangel Gabriel to help you establish a stable connection; when you feel ready, you can ask for guidance. You may feel the need to write down words or to draw; simply allow yourself to become inspired and to follow your intuition: you will be surprised with the results! Now all you have to do is take your time and have fun exploring your options and discovering – or rediscovering, amazing passions and skills which you possess.


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