Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel –

Anyone who wishes to enhance their life and give it a little more color, is always greeted with a kind and cheerful smile by this enchanting Angel. Haniel means “Glory of God” and she is often perceived as a female of boundless beauty and charms, sharing many of the aspects of another dear agent of Light, Archangel Jophiel, together with whom she often finds herself working. Grace, intelligence and beauty are some of the qualities which she possesses and is willing to share with anyone who calls her in. Nature is her best friend, and she will gladly encourage anyone to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the wonders of our Mother Earth and breathing in the purest and freshest air. She often helps bring harmony and serenity to relationships, as well as calmness in your life, by helping you find joy and beauty in everything that surrounds you and perceiving blissful emotions at an increased magnitude.

How to contact Archangel Haniel

In order to get in contact with Archangel Haniel, close your eyes and envision breathing in a warm ray of love for life and graceful beauty. For an even better experience, it is recommended that you do this exercise outdoors, surrounded by green trees and plants, while touching the ground. You can ask her to help you stabilize your emotions, thoughts, your relationships of any kind, or even your finances. As you invite her into your life, you shall soon surprise yourself noticing an increase in previously unseen beauty in this world, and having more positive thoughts and expectations. Allow yourself to smile as she invests you with her graciously loving energy.
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