Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael –

Being the most popular Archangel, it is difficult to describe Michael in a few words. Everyone I know has already heard of him or is communicating with him daily. Archangel Michael is easy-going, friendly, and reliable. He is always the first one to come whenever someone asks for help.

Known to be the Commander of the Angelic armies, Michael can be both stern and one of the most lenient Angels. He is present every moment of our lives and constantly guiding and protecting anyone in need. As an Archangel, Michael has a strong sense of humor, and is often known to be ‘a man’ of this world who likes to have fun and joke around from time to time.

In essence, Michael is the first Angel to come to mind for many, whenever they need comfort, guidance, protection, or simply someone to talk to. Wise, benevolent, an fun to be around, this powerful Archangel can become your greatest ally, so I encourage you to reach out to him and get to know him first hand.

How to contact Archangel Michael

During meditation, envision the most calming Blue Light starting to shine in front of you. Slowly move towards it, or allow it to come closer and closer to you. When the Light is close enough, you will know that you are already connected with Archangel Michael; you are ready to send him your prayers and worries.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you cut the etheric cords that keep you attached to things and people which no longer serve you Рand to release you from any bonds with those for whom you are no longer of any help. Ask him to protect you and your loved ones, and to guide you towards the best possible choices and solutions, for the greater good.

If you wish to ask for help, don’t hesitate to. He shall guide you into making your life calmer, easier, and less chaotic. Archangel Michael can help you bring balance and harmony into your life.


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