Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel –

Loving, merciful and compassionate, Archangel Raguel is the “Friend of God” who likes to assist anyone in need of help with letting go of old grudges and resentment, and finding peace in knowing that they deserve love and understanding just as much as anyone else. Always ready to show you that there is inner beauty in everyone, yourself included, he offers his support and guidance in healing your relationships with those around you, and in understanding that true selfless love has to start from within; Archangel Raguel will always encourage you to love and nurture yourself, to pay attention to your own needs and desires before giving your love and attention to someone else. That is because as you start to love and cherish yourself, you shall become even more capable of sharing your purest intentions and kindest thoughts with those around you. In order to help you understand that forgiveness is essential for your growing process, he reminds you that your life’s purpose is, ultimately, to learn from all your experiences, those in which you may have suffered the most in particular.


How to contact Archangel Raguel

To call Archangel Raguel in, allow yourself to breathe out all the fear and tension accumulated during those times you felt that you have been wronged; give all your resentment and thoughts of injustice to this merciful Angel, and he shall enshroud you with kindness and unconditional love instead. As you breathe in, you may feel invested by a warm sensation of blissful tranquility and happiness, or you may well feel the urge to cry; let your innermost feelings overflow, and simply allow yourself to embrace them fully before letting them go permanently, making space for new, merrier and more compassionate emotions. Rest assured that Archangel Raguel will always hold your hand and kindly embrace you, until you are free of pain and ready to enjoy life in all its aspects.


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