Archangel Raphael Guided Meditation

Archangel Raphael Guided Meditation

Archangel Raphael Guided Meditation

Have you been feeling tired, disconnected from Nature, or in pain, lately?


If so, here’s a powerful Guided Meditation with Archangel Raphael that will immediately bring you back on your feet. Meditation (or prayer, as many people may call it) will help you relax and focus your thoughts and intentions in the present moment, letting go of worries and fears; it can allow you to become more aware of your inner thoughts, deepest desires and feelings. Meditation can help you attain mental and emotional stability and speed up the healing process.


Take a few moments to sit in silence and relax; allow Archangel Raphael’s healing Light to release you from physical and emotional pain. Enjoy this Guided Meditation.


– Archangel Raphael Meditation Music –


This relaxing Meditation Music will help you connect with Archangel Raphael and release pain, whether it’s physical or emotional. Know that you are being guided, loved and protected at all times by your wonderful guardian Angels. They are always near to help you – to heal your heart whenever you are hurt, to guide you towards the best doctors whenever you are in pain.

This Meditation Music was designed especially to help you relax and connect with your deepest intentions and emotions; to fully immerse yourself in this wonderful Journey towards healing and purification, body and soul.

Mikah E. Laiberg, the artist behind this amazingly beautiful Musical Creation, has connected with Archangel Raphael while composing this piece. He has many other Channeled Musical Compositions on his YouTube channel; each one of them is uniquely forged and sings directly to the Soul, with the guidance of the Angels and the Universe. If you would like to hear more, here’s a selection of his most famous Archangel Meditation Music pieces.


Enjoy your Meditation!


Archangel Raphael Guided Meditation for healing your physical and emotional body


You will feel better, lighter, and more connected with the Universe and with your Spirit Guides after this session. Your love for life will increase, and you will soon start to notice the beauty and the miracles all around you. You are loved and blessed, cherished, guided and protected at all times, and this relaxing music will help you realize that more and more.

Your body will feel restored and released from the burdens of physical pain – your mind refreshed.


Close your eyes.


Focus your attention on your breathing – breathe in and feel the tension accumulating in every muscle and, as you breathe out, feel yourself becoming lighter. Envision the purest White Light enveloping your entire body. Imagine breathing in this warm Light, feel it filling your body and cleansing each corner of your physical being. As you slowly breathe out, envision releasing all your tension with your breath.


When you are ready, allow yourself to open your Heart Center.


You can do that by imagining a beautiful sphere of Green and Yellow Light blooming at the center of your heart – watch it spin and grow until it suddenly bursts. You may feel suddenly drifted away, or shaken, as if an earthquake were taking place; do not be afraid, this is normal. In fact, it is a good sign: it means that you are connecting with your Higher Self and your deepest intentions.


– How To connect with Archangel Raphael –


As you feel your body becoming lighter and lighter, you will have the sensation that you are floating. This is the right moment to envision the most calming emerald Green Light starting to shine in front of you. It will slowly fill the air around you. Feel its warmth and peaceful energy.


Archangel Raphael is always glad to assist you and your loved ones.


If you wish to ask for healing, or simply tell him about your pain, don’t hesitate to. Focus your attention on the areas where you wish to receive healing. Watch the green Emerald Light promptly rush there and feel its warmth as it is healing.

Archangel Raphael can also help you bring balance and harmony into your life; he will assist you in letting go of all the toxins accumulated in your body throughout the years, and clearing your Aura. Ask him to cleanse your four bodies:

The physical body

Envision your physical laying on the grass, an altar, table, bed, or wherever you feel most comfortable. Watch as pure White Light descends from above, cleansing, purifying, and healing it – you will see it become brighter and brighter. When you are ready, move to the next step.

The mental body

Just as before, imagine your mental body (say it in your head – “this is my mental body”, as you start envisioning it) laying down, as pure White and Blue Light purify and cleanse it. Watch as it becomes brighter and lighter. Feel the unnecessary thoughts that have been haunting your mind lately start fading away. Release them into the Universe and it shall transform them into pure Light.

The emotional body

As you start seeing your emotional body, ask your Inner Child to connect with you – ask what, and where, it hurts. Your Inner Child may be shy or scared to begin with, but as the pure White and Green Light start purifying your emotional body, you will be able to communicate with it. Listen for an answer from your Inner Child – comfort and reassure it. Let it know that everything is going to be okay.

The spiritual body

When you are ready, envision your spiritual body (it is glowing and radiating golden Light). Watch as pure White and Yellow Light purify and cleanse it. You are now lighter, healthier, freer. Allow yourself to enjoy this moment of blissful freedom and serenity. If you wish, you can ask Archangel Raphael to heal the World, or your loved ones.


When you are ready, thank this beautiful Angel, and feel free to start moving your body.


Slowly open your eyes and return to your physical reality.

Always remember that you can meditate with Archangel Raphael as many times as needed. If you feel like connecting with him, either simply talk to him directly, or follow this Meditation whenever needed.


For more information about Archangel Raphael, click here.