Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael –

Another famous Archangel, whose name means “Whom God heals”, is our dear Raphael, often depicted as a very young and cheerful Angel full of love for Nature and always ready to assist anyone in need of healing, not only of the physical body, but also one’s emotional or mental aspects. This light-hearted Angel is often called for assistance during Reiki sessions, as he is a wonderful healer whose aura radiates joy and love towards all creation; for this reason, he can also aid to a better connection, or a reconciliation (in the case of those who have had difficulty accepting the consequences of natural events such as death, natural catastrophes, or a fear of water, insects, etc.), with Nature and Mother Earth. Another aspect which Archangel Raphael can help with is keeping your body always healthy through a better, richer and healthier diet, and regular physical exercise.


How to contact Archangel Raphael

If you wish to change your life-style or to heal certain aspects of your life (or send healing light towards a loved one), you can ask Archangel Raphael to assist you in doing so. Focusing your intentions on the areas which you wish to better or heal, and taking initiative by changing your diet to a healthier one, are the first steps towards a better, more enjoyable life. Spending some time outside, surrounded by Nature, will definitely increase your capacity to connect with this wonderful Angel and will allow you to become more open to receive his miraculously healing energy. As you breathe in, envision inhaling the purest emerald green light, which will invade your entire body, allowing it to naturally cleanse and heal itself. Enjoy this blissful experience, as Raphael is often known as one of the friendliest of the Archangels!


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