Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon –

Often known as Archangel Metatron‘s “twin brother”, Sandalphon, whose name derives from the words ‘together’ and ‘brother’, is considered a great ally for those who wish to connect with the Divine, be it humans or even entities of higher dimensions. He is the Angel who brings the prayers of all humans to God, making sure that they are promptly answered. This dutiful Angel works together with Archangels Jophiel and Gabriel, giving assistance not only in formulating and sending prayers correctly and efficiently, but also in receiving and deciphering the messages from the Universe, by teaching all those who ask for help how to utilize their innate ability to simply know the “right” next step through their intuition. As intuition can be trained, he often encourages your thirst for knowledge and is always available to answer all your questions regarding your psychic abilities and God-given powers, including the ability to create your own reality. Archangel Sandalphon could, therefore, be considered as the sensei who will teach you everything you wish to know about your own spirituality, helping you to find your own answers (and questions), truths, the forms of meditation which work best for you, and so on.

How to contact Archangel Sandalphon

To connect with him, you need to make sure that you have a precise goal in mind, and that you are willing to commit to working hard in order to achieve the best results. Your goal could be anything, from opening your third eye to simply asking the Divine to protect your loved ones; Archangel Sandalphon will gladly help you send your intentions to the Universe and receive the answers in no time. Do not fear being incapable of connecting with him, simply allow yourself to listen, and you shall hear his guidance: just follow your intuition, as that is how he shall be communicating with you.


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