Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel –

Benevolence, freedom, mercy and forgiveness are some of the traits that this calm and loving Angel is known to possess. As the name Zadkiel, meaning “Righteousness of God”, suggests, he is the Angel who helps the sufferer forgive and let go of the burdens which anger and resentment represent, assisting them in overcoming the compulsion to self-pity, through the acceptance of one’s own destiny and their role in this life as disciples who came on Earth as humans in order to learn from their own experiences. Similarly to Archangel Raguel, Zadkiel can help you find your innate capacity to love unconditionally and to be compassionate even towards those who may have wronged you, knowing that in doing so, you shall only rid your soul of the heavy thoughts and feelings of being a victim and therefore weaker; he reminds you that that is often not the case: you are just as strong as anyone else if you choose to stay unaffected by these negative emotions.

How to contact Archangel Zadkiel

If you wish to practice compassion in order to be rid of old grudges and resentment, or simply to expand your capacity to love unconditionally, remember to light a candle and pray for your soul to become light and cleansed, restored to its initial kindness. Crying may also help in the process of purifying your emotions and releasing the inner tension. Do not be afraid to tell Archangel Zadkiel about all your fears and troubles: he can help you find comfort in knowing that you deserve just as much love as anyone else, and you are loved and cherished always.


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