Who is Baphomet

Who is Baphomet?


Commonly known as the embodiment and expression of the union between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Baphomet is often depicted in a particular pose: one hand pointed to the sky, while the other pointed to the ground.

This gesture is a symbol for Universality and Unity‘As above, so below’, to signify that everything is connected and everything working in harmony as One.

This means that, regardless of what many people may think on this matter, the two opposite forces of the Universe ( what we call Light and Darkness) are not enemies in a constant fight to subdue one another, but rather two sides of the same coin; the Yin and the Yang that form a perfect balance and create existence in harmony and love.

The Universe is not a place of sin and fear, but rather a place of perpetual self-expression, discovery, and expansion. And Baphomet is the force that ties everything together and makes it possible for these two forces, opposite to each other, to coexist and to dance together on the notes of creation.

Interested in humanity for the minutia of its daily routine, Baphomet enjoys observing how both peculiarity and the lack of originality can coexist in the same being. Patient, wise, and fair (according to his own perception of the Universe which is based on egalitarianism), he may often seem rather passionless and disinterested in everything that appears of great interest to other beings.


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