Lord Belial

Who is Belial

Who is Belial?


If Beelzebub can often be perceived as an old soul, Belial feels rather young-hearted and, in a way, playful.

Despite the fact that he is continuously trying to keep up an image of austerity and indifference for himself, Belial is much kinder than he would like to admit.

With respect to humanity, he likes to help from behind the scenes, whenever he can. With respect to other beings from his own dimension, Belial tends to be quite self-judgemental, often harsh with himself, continuously looking for ways to improve and beating himself up for not being able to be better for the sake of others.

In this sense, he is often impatient and unstable, very much like a child who wants to already become an adult. Impulsive, irrational, but kind-hearted, Belial likes to fight for justice on behalf of others, but would easily admit defeat or even take the blame, just for the sake of preserving peace and harmony.

His name derives from the Hebrew term used for ‘worthlessness’ – many translate that in the literal sense, that he is worthless; however, Belial’s name represents his constant sense of worthlessness and the desire to improve.

Two things he greatly dislikes are conflict and injustice; and, because of his attitude towards conflict, he could be often perceived as cowardly.

He doesn’t care for praise after helping others – this is why he prefers to remain unknown to people and work behind the scenes. He just wants everyone to be happy and to enjoy themselves!

Because of this, he often tends to get bored or depressed whenever things are in the same state for too long (he perceives long-term stability as threatening to evolution and leading towards stagnation and decay). However, unlike Abaddon, his impatience and impulsiveness render him vulnerable and unstable.

At the same time, without this urge to change things and put everything in motion once again, the Universe would inevitably end up in a state of complete nothingness.


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