Lord Belphegor

Who is Belphegor

Who is Belphegor?


Belphegor is one of the Architects of Existence. He is responsible for what we would tend to call non-existence.

But what is non-existence and how can it exist?

Whenever we consider anything in this Universe, Belphegor is also a part of it – in order to have something, there has to be nothingness involved; otherwise we would have everything at once!

In order to define what a certain thing is, our brain and our perception of reality tend to automatically exclude what that thing isn’t.

Belphegor is, in other words, what every single thing is not.

If you feel confused, it’s perfectly normal! There are many ways to explain the concept of nothingness, but I always find it easier to understand things through concrete examples, so I am going to try and give you one.

Consider a chair.

Independently of its physical appearance, everyone who has grown up in a society that utilizes chairs already has the concept of a chair in their minds. Whenever someone mentions the word ‘chair’, we know that they are not talking about, for example, lamps.

In simple words, this means that whenever we think of a certain concept (in this case the concept of a chair), we associate it with a certain notion, a clear sensation that has its own place in the realm of our perceptions. This is possible thanks to the concept of individuality which, in turn, is only possible because of the concept of non-existence.

If we exclude nothingness from the universe, we are left with a complete, indistinguishable amalgamation (union) of everything that is; a single point in space and time that contains absolutely everything that was, is, or could ever be.

As a Demon, Belphegor does not interact with humanity very much; at least not on an intellectual level. Silent, inactive, reserved, he likes to always make sure that everything has its own place, and that nothing is acting unlike itself.

In a way, we could say that he is very conservative and despises change (but that is not completely true). He is, however, just like Beelzebub, a great pillar of knowledge and a point of reference to every single thing that is.


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