Reality Is A Matter Of Perspective – Channeled Message From AA Azrael And Michael

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Reality is a matter of perspective

– AA Azrael and Michael Channeled Message –

We often find ourselves in situations from which we simply cannot escape, for example those that involve our family and beloved ones. I recently talked to Archangel Michael and Archangel Azrael; I asked what we could do in such situations and how we should behave in order to be of great help and comfort for both ourselves and the others. AA Azrael and Michael are my favorite Archangels; they always come to anyone’s rescue as soon as possible. They always make sure that everyone is doing their best and that they are not overworking themselves at the same time.

The following channeled message from AA Azrael and Michael helped me understand that we are all perfectly able to avoid drama by simply detaching ourselves from the situation; all this while still caring for the things and people that constitute and enrich our daily lives. I hope that you will get to learn more about these two beautiful Archangels, and that you this message will allow you to stay in contact with AA Azrael and Michael.


– Channeled message from AA Azrael and Michael –


Dear child, you ask what can be done about your current situation, when you feel lost and long to receive approval and guidance from us; in such times you find yourself most likely to turn towards us and try to reach for our hand, which we never cease to stretch out for you. You have been hurt, you have given up on trusting your fellow people many times, and yet you still continued to try and try, keeping hope alive and knowing, in the depths of your dear heart, that you could count on their help; and many times you could.

Remember, my child, that just like you, every single human being has their own life and needs and troubles; sometimes they may have been too worried about their own situation to notice yours. Try to be kind to everyone, and understanding, and as you do so, do not forget to be kind to yourself. Let go of prejudice and preconceptions; view and analyse the scenario as you would if you were studying a scenery or architecture before trying to replicate it on paper: it takes practice, but once you get a hold of it, it will come natural and shall save you a lot of troubles and time that would have otherwise been spent trying to decide who is right and who is wrong.


Perspective, as you may have well understood by now, is subjective.


Perspective, allows you to perceive a situation or an object from a certain angle. In many cases you may see the circular side of a cylinder facing you directly and think that you are looking at a circle; another may see it from the side and be certain that the object is a rectangle. And yet, my dear children, no matter how many times you may argue about who is right; the absolute truth shall never be revealed. Unless you choose to leave your comfort zone and view the object from different angles – a different perspective.


Do not live your life trying to convince everyone else that you are right.


Everyone shall eventually choose to take a few steps in a different direction, only to realize that what they had perceived as absolute truth before that moment, was not necessarily so. And thus they shall reach their own conclusions. Each one of you has been endowed with reason and free will, and is therefore perfectly capable of forming their own opinions on their reality. Every single one of you has lived a unique life; a succession of events which have shaped and altered them according to their own sensitivity and choice. Each individual is perfectly capable of choosing their own path and form of behavior in any given situation. With practice, anyone can learn to behave in the manner that they would most desire to.

You are, therefore, encouraged to experience life in as many shapes and forms as you can and are willing to; to make choices and move along the path which you decided to follow, knowing that you are indeed the master of your own destiny. Nnothing, aside from yourself, can take that away from you. Be careful, then, my child, not to become entrapped in the illusion that you may not be free; and if you do so, may you be able to find comfort in knowing that it is never too late to change the way in which you choose to view and perceive your current situation.

As a child of the Universe, always remember that nothing escapes your control; it is, however, up to you to find a way out and the determination to work towards it. Do not fear, however, my dear child: we are always here for you, giving you all the information you may need, so make sure that you are open to receive it.

Be brave and blessed; be Love and Light.

And so it is.

Channeled message from AA Azrael and Michael – Eyra B


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