Life Is A Chance To Grow – Channeled Message From Archangel Gabriel

sunset and tree

Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel – Life is a chance to grow –

Do not feel lost, dear soul, just because you do not know where you are, or where you think you are going. There is so much difficulty in life, it would be perfectly understandable to sometimes be afraid of living, or fail to see the light, or wish all sufferings to end. To feel alone, to feel isolated and remember that there were times when you did not feel so, is a terrible thing.

Life is, however, the greatest opportunity for self-discovery that exists. Unfortunately, knowing this will not instantly make you happy unless you learn how to let it make you happy. Life may seem cruel, or beautiful, or kind, but ultimately it simply is, and it continues for as long as you will ever be aware; you have to learn to spend each day without being afraid of it. Life itself does not care if you fall down, or if you are given more opportunities than anybody else, or if you are neglected, hurting, sad, or lonely. It is up to us to make our lives what we can.

Every great person started out as a nobody. Every transcendental, universal truth we think we could understand would be but a pale shadow of its reality. There is no such thing as ‘knowledge’ in this sense, and sometimes to seek answers is to seek distraction from the true fundaments of being.

Being, and being present in the now of experience, is what reality, what humanity, is all about. It is to have the capacity of reflection, of foresight and future thought, and to not dwell in these. It is to be able to think abstractly, but not be lost in this insular world. It is to discover the sense of connection that there is between all things, not the disconnection. For that there is love, means you are loved. For that there is another, means you are not alone. Yet, you may sometimes feel so. As once you felt not alone, so too can you again. Do things, enjoy life, experience. If one thing does not work, try another, and then another. Try things that make no sense to you for the time of being. Read things that you do not yet know interest you, rediscover the things that once made you feel so passionate, learn to draw how you feel, or sing what you see. Write. Keep a diary of your thoughts, dreams, objectives.

Connect, and find yourself not feeling so disconnected from everything. Do not worry about who you are until you are mature enough to accept who you are, without wishing to be someone or something else. For when you are at that point, you will be exactly who you want to be.

And so it is.

Channeled message from Archangel Gabriel – Eyra B