Channeled Message from your Angels – We Are All Children Of The Stars

We are all children of the stars.

No matter how big or small we may feel or seem, we all have that spark within,.the power of will and determination which allows each one of us to stand for our own dreams and ideas,.to work towards our goals, to shine brighter and brighter. We were born to live in this era, on this planet, because we chose to learn and grow; we were the ones who decided to be here, it is no punishment, no gift: we chose our own life, we decided our own destiny.

As children of the Universe, we have the power to create, not only that of destroying; we have the power of Love and kindness, compassion, alongside that of the opposite pole. As children of the Universe, we are the Universe itself! And the Universe is within us.

The Universe is Light and Darkness.

We are One with the Universe; we are made of Light and Darkness, and we are beautiful this way. Let us choose to create a powerful and never-to-forget experience, here on Earth. Let us live consciously and only choose to do things which will not bring regret into our hearts. Hello. Hello 

Let us know different shades of Love; let us be different shades Light.

Channeled Messages from your Angels – Eva Engels


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