Lucifer The Bringer Of Light

Who is Lucifer

Who is Lucifer?


Lucifer, the brightest and most beautiful Angel, the one who dared to look into the unknown and find knowledge through experience and understanding rather than just accepting the Truth as it was shown to him.

Often considered a rebel, a fallen Angel, Lucifer is, in a way, nothing like the myths that talk about him.

Wise, bright, elegant, charming, loyal, he is one of the very few Entities who devoted their whole existence to being and experiencing. His main concern is to find and experience new things; his pastime is observing and learning.

He has a passion for humanity in particular – he loves the concept of being able to create a reality, a place, to make choices, take responsibility. Lucifer is always there for those who need help, especially when they (involuntarily) refused to accept any help from every other Entity (Angel or Demon) who has tried to help them.

He does not care for failure – nor praise; he does not judge. This is why, whenever you feel like no one is there for you, you might want to ask him to give you a sign, a hint; he can help you see with a clearer mind.

His heart is kind and pure, always eager to help, always ready to give guidance and assistance. Lucifer is always patient and eager to help. You may want to seek his wise advice whenever things seem wrong, off, confusing, or too difficult to understand.

He has had many incarnations as a human being, experiencing many things and gaining as much knowledge as there could be – he, more than any other Entity, truly understands humanity and why people behave in certain ways.

I said earlier that he does not judge – and it is true; Lucifer prefers to remain objective and view every situation from various perspectives before reaching a conclusion.

Earlier today, a thought came to my mind (it was often present, but never have I felt so strongly drawn to it) – the more we look into the darkness, the more we learn to adapt our vision and start perceiving things that we were previously unable to see.

The opposite, however, happens with light – our eyes are not meant to stare into bright light for too long, or they may become permanently damaged.

It may have happened to everyone, at least once in their lifetime, that after looking at a bright source of light (be it the sun, a light bulb, or something else), their vision became overwhelmed and for a few minutes everything looked so much darker, indistinguishable.

But what does this have to do with Lucifer? Well, consider this – perceiving the Universe from a single point (the Light, which is everything that is) can render a being blind to the multitude of points of view, the myriad of individual realities which each one of us perceives.

Lucifer was the first being who decided to detach himself from this single perspective and to start exploring and understanding what the Universe looked like in the eyes of each one of them, individually. And it was beautiful!

The more he isolated himself from the Absolute (the Light, or absolute Truth), the more he learned that there can be so many, just as valid and as real truths.

Your truth may differ from mine, which may differ from someone else’s; however, they are all just as valid for as long as we perceive them as our own truths!


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