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– Angels Whisper – A Vision –


It amazes me how powerful and motivated we can become, sometimes. After all, we are all following our hearts and are driven by this force, this passion that keeps us fired up and motivated to keep walking forward, even (or especially) when things don’t look too good straight ahead. Wanting to change how things are, the desire to bring harmony and peace into other people’s lives and hearts, regardless of their beliefs, gender, or nationality, has always been a shared dream of mine.

I started off by creating a Facebook Page less than two years ago, what turned out to become a welcoming community – Angels Whisper – which I was planning to use as a means to soothe my heart during a period of depression due to moving to a different country, away from my family and all the luxuries I had had previous to that. Angels Whisper was born from an idea, the thought that by sharing my knowledge about the Universe and my experiences with “the Angels“, I would have been able to bring happiness into other people’s hearts, as well as mine (it always makes me feel ecstatic to talk about these beautiful and multi-faceted entities, and I have often been told that my words made people feel better whenever I talked about these experiences with them).


– A call to action –


Not very long after that, I realized that something more powerful, even more so than I had thought, was being created. What three years ago was just a dream, an idea (creating a community that could empower and heal others through words and sharing stories) that scared me as I felt too small, too weak and vulnerable to create by myself, is now tangible enough to be able to admit that each one of us has that power and determination within their hearts. All we need is to be reminded of it (more or less often), to be encouraged to set it free. We have been taught to keep it hidden, caged; we have been shamed and punished for it, but now that we are old enough, wise enough to understand who we truly are, our true capacity and will to change and make change happen, we are finally able to bring it back to the surface.

We need to be reminded often of our ability to create our own reality (as our made-up ego and the phantasms of our past continuously strive to cast it into forgetfulness), of how strong, powerful, and creative we are; when there are problems, we come up with solutions – some of them never heard of before, when there is suffering, deep inside we know what needs to be done to stop the pain and heal the wounds. As humans, we have an amazing mental capacity; we can become so much more than just avatars in a game following the input that has been given to us from outside – in this era where we are trying to create more and more independently thinking AIs, I’d like to remind people not to forget about their own independence to think. I’d like to remind people that they are not alone, and that they, alone, are strong enough to overcome their own fears and pain.


– The means –


There are many ways of accomplishing this: by sharing inspirational images and quotes, prayers and daily affirmations, by writing channeled messages (very similar to automatic writing) which may bring solutions to a problem, answers, or inspire others, by incorporating Divination tools and techniques in order to find clarity and better hear the directions that our intuition is giving us in every moment. I’ve studied many forms of Divination and healing over the years; however, if there is one thing I know for certain, it is that our inner guidance, our intuition, speaks to us very clearly whenever we let go of fear – the fear that we cannot do things on our own – and the preconceptions that without these tools the answers could not be heard. I would say that the more we rely on these tools (they are a great source of inspiration when we start feeling a little less attuned to our true desires, but any abuse creates damage), the less we are able to function without them – we disempower ourselves.

We tend to let go of power and control very easily – there is comfort in knowing that everything will be done for us, exactly as needed – and this is when the posts on Angels Whisper come in handy: they remind whoever has been lost that they can find themselves; they remind them of their love for life regardless of whether they have exactly what they wanted straight away or not, their determination to achieve things that are not just mere things, but can create a better reality for all, for the greater good. Angels Whisper is a place that wishes to remind everyone that no one exists alone; this helps to remove the feeling of loneliness and being abandoned, lost, whilst, at the same time, giving people the opportunity to look around, notice the pain in others, and start giving a hand to wash away the sadness.

Every day, I wish to be able to give people the opportunity to shine, to do something that makes them shine even brighter than they already do – to *feel* the brightness of their Light. I wish to help those who seek enlightenment to find a piece of the big puzzle that is their mission and life’s purpose, every day, to start looking inwards, as that is where all the answers lie;


to help them let go of this urgency to follow others and what others have told them to do, and to, instead, start doing those things that their hearts are telling them to do.


You too can help. Join us today! 🙂


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