Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry


What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is often defined as geometrical shapes that are a physical representation of the laws which are at the core of everything that exists.


eternity of the soul

– Eternity of the Soul –



The Soul is not material – it is immortal and eternal; when we transition, or ascend, our Soul reunites with its Source, bringing it new information from our earthly experiences and expanding the Universal Consciousness.

Energy is preserved, transformed – death is not the end, it is merely a new beginning.



– The Triple Moon Goddess –

Greek Mythology and Wicca


The Triple Moon Goddess symbol represents the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone – the three sacred phases of life as a woman. It is often associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities.

The Maiden represents expansion, enchantment, and youth – it is a symbol of freedom, playfulness, and new beginnings, just like the New Moon.

The Mother represents fertility, maturity, expansion, and stability, and is a symbol of motherhood, compassion, nurturing, and unconditional love.

The Crone represents wisdom, completeness, and selflessness, as the culmination of a life-time of experiences.

This symbol is often used to represent the Divine Feminine, the goddess, during witchcraft rituals and Wiccan ceremonies.



– The Ankh: the symbol of Eternal Life –

Ancient Egypt


The cross represents life, while the circle around the top part is a symbol for eternity – this is to say that the Ankh is a representation of the transcendence and eternity of the Soul; it is often used for the ritual of passage from this dimension to the next one.

Often, the cross of the Ankh has been a symbol and a secret code that transmits sacred knowledge to anyone who can decipher its deep symbolism – those who have the key to understanding the sacred metaphors.

Sometimes, the Ankh includes another very famous and fundamental symbol of the Ancient Egyptian culture – the Eye of Horus; an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health.



– Flower of Life –

New Age and Alchemy


Pagans often considered this to be Sacred Geometry (geometrical laws which are at the core of everything that exists) containing ancient religious teachings and depicting the fundamental laws of space and time.

It is believed that Metatron’s Cube derived from the Flower of Life which was used as a creation circle. This symbol has made it possible to represent the five platonic solids which may be derived form the flower of life: the Star Tetrahedron (or Merkabah), the Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and the Icosahedron.


– The Merkabah –



This is the vehicle of Divine Light which Spiritually enlightened people and the Ascended Masters themselves are known to connect with in order to reach those who are in tune with the Higher Realms. The word is derived by ‘Mer‘, meaning Light, ‘Ka‘, meaning Spirit, and ‘Ba‘ meaning body.

Often spelled as Merkaba, which is Hebrew for ‘Chariot‘, this symbol (also known as the Star Tetrahedron) represents the Spirit/body of a being surrounded by the counter-rotating fields of Light which are spirals of Energy and are capable of transporting the being, body and Soul, from one dimension to another.

The Flower of Life pattern contains the foundations of Metatron’s Cube which, in turn, is represented by the union of the Merkabah and the 13 circles which are a physical representation of the 13 systems of knowledge. The circles are known to represent the Divine Feminine, while the lines are a physical depiction of the Divine Masculine.

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