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The Upper Circle

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The Upper Circle


We have finally created a more private community for those who want to share interesting articles and discuss anything, from Chakras to Angelic Healing and Angel Numbers – Angels Whisper – The Upper Circle. If you want to find like-minded people and connect with others on a spiritual level, then this is definitely going to be the right community for you.


Now you, too, can share your thoughts and stories with us!


In the Upper Circle, you are being called to open yourself to others, share your stories and experiences with the Angels and any other entities, ask questions and gets assistance and emotional support. We are always glad to welcome a new member, so don’t hesitate to join us!


A more intimate community means more relevant content!


The Upper Circle is where I share blog posts and external links to articles that I find interesting and I feel drawn to share with others. Here you have a voice – whatever question you want to ask or suggestion you wish to make, just shout out to me about it and I will reply as soon as I see your post or comment.

To join us, click here or the button below.




Many people are already part of The Upper Circle, waiting for you – to share your story. You are not alone anymore – we are here for you. So, join us today 🙂