Treasures from the Universe

Treasures from the Universe

Treasures from the Universe

– A monthly Subscription Box that does not fail to surprise –



“This is a community of WOMEN helping WOMEN and everyone. Here at Treasures from the Universe, we support the amazing works of beautiful women who wish to share their magic with others. We give them the power to co-create and to overcome their fears and doubts; we give them a voice, we give them the means to fight their own battles. And they always win – and how happy we are with each one of their victories!”  ― Nina Laiberg, founder of Angels Whisper, co-founder of Messengers of the Universe, and Treasure Goddess at Treasures from the Universe


I recently came to be part of an amazing project that completely changed my life. It came out of nowhere and made everything much, much brighter and shinier. Treasures from the Universe was born as a vision, a mission that over 20 young ladies had to share: transforming someone’s life through monthly Treasures that get intuitively chosen by these amazing Goddesses, carefully wrapped with love and dedication, and sent directly to people’s doorsteps.

Treasure Goddess Certification

Treasures from the Universe is a beautiful community of creative Goddesses who are united by the same vision: to share our intuitive gifts with everyone who needs them. For that reason, we wish to make sure that everyone in the World is going to be able to receive the Universe’s Love and Light; no matter where they are. We hope that through these Divine Readings, surprises and gifts, everyone will feel cherished, uplifted, and loved.


Angel F., founder of Treasures from the Universe, says:

In order to reach those who may not be able to afford Treasures from the Universe but would benefit from them, we wish to be able to offer various discounts and implement further plans to send free Treasure Boxes. In an effort to continuously give back to our Planet and its People 10% of profits will be donated to We, The World.

– What’s in a Treasure Box? –


When you ask to receive a Treasure from the Universe you will be guided with love, light, and compassion. You will ultimately be given all those special gifts you are meant to receive in that special moment in time. These Treasures will allow you to put your faith in the Divine Plan and to start looking within, instead of without; the signs and messages that you receive each month will assist you in doing that.


Each month, you will be receiving:

–   A personalized Intuitive Reading that brings an Oracle and a message specifically for you.

   Three or more Treasures picked especially for you as a gift from the Universe.

   A blessing from the Goddess who packed your gift especially for you.


Sometimes the biggest blessings are not visible through the naked eye; love, light, healing, abundance – they are all intangible Treasures that we constantly wish for. Each box is imbued with blessings and prayers for all these beautiful Treasures.


Each Reading is intuitively channeled by one of our Goddesses. Each Treasure that you are going to receive in the box is blessed with love, light, and abundance, so that you can receive your messages even more openly. No Treasure Box will ever be exactly the same; each gift is uniquely wrapped with love and care by our Goddesses, who are following their intuition and Divine gifts when carefully choosing each item, especially for you.


Excited? So are we!


Visit our Treasures from the Universe website to find out more; you will also be able to get a sneak peek at our previous Treasure Boxes and the making process of our handmade items. You can either click here, or the button below.


If, instead, you wish to request your own Treasure Box, click here.


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Angels Whisper is working in collaboration with Treasures from the Universe to bring a smile on your face, each day 🙂